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Download Lush 2.0 – The Chillout Experience

Download Lush 2.0 - The Chillout Experience

Whether your relaxing at home, traveling, studying, doing yoga or you simply just need to chill after a long weekend of clubbing… The Lush compilation is your soundtrack. Lush 2.0 is a mix of chill out and ambient music. Filled with a collection of atmospheric sounds, graceful pianos, blissful strings and calming vocals, this mix is designed to COOL you down, CHILL you out and RETURN you hOMe.

stay blissed,



Happy New Year


As we step into a new year, we look back on our accomplishments, roadblocks, surprising joy and unforgettable moments. We let go of the people, places or things that no longer serve us and we embrace our future with positive intentions that serve our soul and our planet. Although it’s important to make goals and get clear of our dreams, it is important to be conscious of each present moment given to us. We are living in a world made of up millions of small experiences and each moment can easily be lost as we try and conquer the world from our own egocentric selfish desires. If we live from a place of abundance, without fear, we become aware that the universe will always provide for us exactly what we need. I’ve learned that you have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage to say “no.” And the best way to do that is to have a bigger “yes” burning inside for something else. Once we find our true authentic confidence, we awaken to realize that competition doesn’t truly exist and that it is more important to ensure we are serving our own life purpose and authentic desires. For so many years I have obsessed with goals, resolutions and to do lists. This year, I’m going to approach life differently. Listen more to my inner voice & guide and follow my true desires instead of chasing things out of fear or scarcity. Thank You for being with me during my evolution and a valuable part of my journey. May this year be filled with music and magical small moments that make your heart grow, sing and most importantly… dance.


Facing Emptiness



It’s been a year since I left South Florida.

Looking back; I realize how scared I was to go.  My soul had yearned for change, but my body was too afraid to make the leap.

Aside from choosing music as my creative expression; moving to Boulder has been one of the greatest decisions I have made.  Oddly enough there is something profoundly similar between these two decisions.

My love for music has grown more than I imagined since moving here. The texture of the mountains, the layers of the trees, the fields of flowers stretching for miles under crystal blue skies filled with dense clouds all call out to my inner child for a friendly game of hopscotch.

There is something magical about this place for me. Most of my friends and family didn’t quite understand how I could just up and leave, heading to a place where I knew no one. I can’t quite explain it, but I had heard the call for three years and did nothing.   It’s amazing when you are finally able to look back and recognize your truth.  Whether it’s a relationship that doesn’t serve you, a job that doesn’t fulfill you or leaving a place that you call home there comes a time when you must heed the call.

When I think of the fear that held me back; I’m grateful that I eventually took the leap and answered the call.  It’s so easy to stay in your comfort zone.  I remember the hundreds of ways that I allowed my fear to hold me back.  What about my friends, my job, my doctors and my network … the list went on and on, but then the time came when those fears no longer mattered.  I could no longer allow fear to make my decisions. I knew it was time to leave.

It was hard, tough and very emotional, but the scariest part of the journey wasn’t leaving; it was arriving!

How would I handle the loneliness? What would my first winter be like? Would I be able to drive in the snow? What clothes would I wear? How would I meet people and make new friends?   There were many nights when I would lay in my empty apartment and feel the loneliness rise in my body. Becoming aware of how loneliness felt allowed me to connect with the new feelings it created.  Once I understood the feelings I was then able to ask questions, and hold the loneliness close like a little child.  

Each of us experiences loneliness and we are quick to fill that loneliness with anything that keeps those feelings at bay.   Now, I had nothing to cling to. My support system was miles away, my house was empty, and my music was no longer enough.  Something larger was pulling me.

Many nights I would lie on the floor of my empty apartment and cry myself to sleep. Loneliness and I became very good friends.  I had never allowed myself to know that feeling.  I had always buried it in distractions.  I was always doing, learning, or trying to be something instead of listening to what my soul needed.  My greatest ally in all of this was meditation and the Buddhist Teachings. The meditation taught me how to stop, feel, watch and observe.  The teachings gave me the tools to step out of it.

These were clearly some of the darkest days of my life, but I knew I had to go thru it, and I knew I had to be alone. Looking back I now see why I had to leave Florida, I had to finally stop, settle down and confront the emptiness I had been ignoring for so long.

As spring approached I could feel my heaviness began to shift. I started to see things more clearly. I had figured my way around Boulder and the dark nights where not so dark anymore.  A slight change in the air, the chill became more fragrant, small bursts of color where beginning to appear. It’s amazing what the change of seasons do for your soul. I didn’t realize how living in one climate all year long truly affected my being. No wonder I felt so stuck. There was never a reminder of change. Sure you can put Christmas lights on Palm Trees, but until I lived in a place where the Pine Trees grow and snow was on the ground, I didn’t realize how much I needed the change.

Spring was gorgeous, the purples, pinks and blue sky that stretched for miles. The weather was perfect for long hikes, trail running and mountain biking. It’s invigorating, inspiring, breathtaking and once you have completed a trail you feel like you can achieve anything. I quickly became acquainted with my feelings again. The more I connected with nature; the clearer the vision became.  The little lonely girl from winter didn’t need to suppress her feelings any longer.  I had created a new relationship with my inner self.  I check in daily to make sure my needs are being met, and if they are not, I now have the tools necessary to make the changes that are needed.

Summer came and went and my tour schedule kept me away from home. I took great comfort in knowing that even though I’m away, I know I get to return home to Colorado which made the touring that much more beautiful.

Now; one year later, Fall is here. The leaves are now a blend of orange, yellow, maroon and green. It’s the kind of backdrop that postcards are made of. Once again, I’m allowed the freedom of change. As the leaves change, so do I.   The leaves that no longer serve me fall away. Those that remain may simply need a subtle change of color. The air is crisp, clean and brisk. The fireplace is ready and the Hot Cocoa is on the stove. This is what Christmas and the Holidays feel like, this is what I yearned for as a child. I now have it and I’m beyond grateful.

We all have roots. We all have people, places and things that we feel we can’t live without. Sometimes we have to walk away from those things to find what we really need.  The best lessons and gifts are often presented to us when we step into the unknown, and allow ourselves to trust that our intuition will guide us to the exact place we are meant to be.

What call have you heard and ignored? What does it tell you to do? Where does it tell you to go? What is stopping you?




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Alyson Calagna Presents “LUSH” – The Chillout Experience

LUSH is a new series featuring a mix of chillout and ambient music. Filled with a collection of atmospheric sounds, graceful pianos, blissful strings and calming vocals this mix is designed to COOL you down, CHILL you out and RETURN you hOMe.

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The Sound Of Silence

The Sound Of Silence

“those who dance are considered insane by those who don’t hear the music.”

Lidell Simpson used to come to 735 Nightclub in New Orleans every weekend and dance all night long .. he was and still is an inspiration to me. Check this out tribe!


New Links For Omtronica


I’ve reposted the links for both volumes of Omtronica, there was something a bit odd in the zip that all users weren’t able to download them properly. Use this link for now until I’ve updated the site.


Also, if you want to listen to some of my downtempo productions you can seek them out here.




Download SinSensual V


SinSensual V

Part V of the SinSensual Series. This sexy mix of deep, sensual progressive house and euphoric trance is perfect for those early morning dancefloor moments. SinSensual V has an Omtronica feel weaved in with delayed mantras filtering into the rhythms. Blended with lush vocals, atmospheric sounds and blissful strings, this melodic journey is sure to take you some place magical.
stay blissed ….