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New Links For Omtronica


I’ve reposted the links for both volumes of Omtronica, there was something a bit odd in the zip that all users weren’t able to download them properly. Use this link for now until I’ve updated the site.


Also, if you want to listen to some of my downtempo productions you can seek them out here.





Download SinSensual V


SinSensual V

Part V of the SinSensual Series. This sexy mix of deep, sensual progressive house and euphoric trance is perfect for those early morning dancefloor moments. SinSensual V has an Omtronica feel weaved in with delayed mantras filtering into the rhythms. Blended with lush vocals, atmospheric sounds and blissful strings, this melodic journey is sure to take you some place magical.
stay blissed ….


Cool Conferences This Summer!

Reason 1003 of why i’m so grateful I live in Boulder … check out these great conferences coming this summer!

Sounds True Conference – http://www.soundstrue.com/wakeup/?component=house-ad

Buddhist Geeks Conference – http://conference.buddhistgeeks.com/