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Buddha Walks Into A Bar ….

“The general dissatisfaction is what the Buddha taught about when he opened his mouth for his first sermon ever. He didn’t say “Here’s the plan guys, do X Y and Z and you can glow just like me” Instead he said “Listen. You guys are unhappy right, let’s analyze that.”  Lodro Rinzler – Buddha Walks Into A Bar 

Hola Tribe,

Today I went to see Lodro Rinzler at The Boulder Bookstore speak about his new book Buddha Walks Into A Bar. I heard about this book from The Buddhist Geeks Podcast where Lodro was on speaking about the book. I have to admit the title spoke to me; I do work in nightclubs so the idea of Buddha walking into a Bar is pretty fascinating. I’m sure good Ole Siddhartha did cruise a few spots at some point in this life. This book is a refreshing and younger approach to the Dharma and it touches on topics that we can all relate to; like the gym, dating, shopping online, emailing and texting. I’m about 5 chapters in now and so far I’m really digging it. The jokes and references are very relatable while preserving the integrity of the Dharma. If your new to Buddhism or just intrigued by it, I highly encourage this book. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to read it or get it; it’s simple and easy to read for anyone who wants to live in a better world.

Happy Reading,