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loss,courage and love

  The Reiki circle at Your Big Picture Café had just let out, it was quiet, the feeling calm, stemming from the circle’s final meditation, then all of a sudden out the large shop window I saw a car flip over and careen into another. I grabbed the phone, ran outside dialing 911 in the process. Everyone in the cafe who also witnessed the accident ran out to the scene.  People had jumped out of cars, it was complete chaos although everything seemed to have happened in slow motion. 

     Still on the telephone, I tried to answer the questions asked of me by the emergency operator as best as I could, but I was completely shaken by what I had witnessed.  One car was completely turned over and shattered, the other car mangled on it’s side, and the third was seemingly untouched. The two people in the 3rd car appeared to be fine as they exited their vehicle on their own. The driver of the car that had flipped had no movement. My friend Gabby, one of the Reiki Masters ran to that car.  She dropped to the ground and clasped the driver’s hand in hers. Almost immediately, all the Reiki practitioners began to do Reiki from where they were standing.  Gabby served as a channel of healing energy, the young man, lying still as she repeatedly told him to hang on.

   The traffic on this major route kept moving, cars maneuvering around the tragedy as if nothing had happened, rolling over cracked glass, passing others obviously in severe harm without even a change in auto speed, no one would stop.  Without thinking a few of us jumped into the middle of the road to try to redirect and slow down traffic in order to help assist those in the accident.  It’s amazing how human behavior just wants to go about it’s patterns instead of thinking about what is occurring in that moment, operating on autopilot. 

   Krista, Jaime and Micheal, raced to the mangled car to help out. There was a child who seemed stable, however her mother was lodged in the car not able to break free of it’s steel grip.  Micheal tried to break the glass, no such luck.  Time felt as if it was at a standstill, yet passing so quick that it was almost impossible to know what to do.  Where were the paramedics, the police, they knew what to do, they needed to be there, but where were they?  I heard sirens off in the distance, it was then I knew things would hopefully get better, help was coming. I got off the phone with 911 as help arrived.

   The paramedics came with stretchers to remove the young man that Gabby was nurturing. He was pulled out and put into the ambulance. Firemen disassembled the mangled car to get to the mother free in order to then start lifesaving tactics.  When they did, there was no pulse. They begin CPR and she was taken away to the hospital. Krista stayed with the little gir Hailey and rode with her to the hospital. Sadly the mom passed away at the hospital. I can’t imagine what Hailey felt. I know the shock to my system it was as a witness. Krista had shared Hailey’s strength. She knew her mom was passing and she knew she had to say goodbye.

  As it started to calm down, our group began to head back into the cafe. I will never forget Gabby’s face when she came back in. I don’t know if anything ever prepares you to hold a strangers hand and pray for them. In her eyes she had sadness and love, in my eyes inspiration by the courage of one person.  She never doubted what she was to do that night, she went straight to the person that she could help.  She didn’t consider the fluid leaking from the car or any other issues that put her in harms way.  She knew someone needed her, someone needed someone.

   Gabby is one of the most spiritual people I know, she and Kathy lead an amazing Reiki circle. She does Reiki and Crystal Therapy sessions. Her energy is tapped into source, it’s very natural for her, you can see it in her eyes and you feel it in her warm smile. She is a hero, a true spiritual warrior. She is someone who stands for peace through her courage and love. In Buddhism we speak of this spiritual warrior often, in Yoga there are sequences designed for the warrior.  Poses that make you hold in a strong base while blasting your heart wide open. No matter what faith or what belief system you practice there is a warrior embedded in the teachings.  A warrior who knows when to say yes please and when to say no thank you, a warrior who knows when to stand true for his beliefs with an open heart and an open mind, a warrior that acts without judgment upon himself and others, a warrior that is driven by source, love and truth. 

   Each day on this path I’m reminded of this warrior within me, each day I try to tap in a little deeper, practicing the art of bravery.  How would our lives be if we invoked our inner spiritual warrior daily?  What would you do differently?  Who would you be?

I ask that you send love and light to Hailey and her family as I send it to you and yours. We really never know when our time is up, make each moment count,  love as much as your heart allows you too and when it feels like you can’t possibly love anymore… breathe into it and love some more.