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“Sometimes you just show up, pay attention and MUSIC happens”

” Sometimes you just show up, pay attention and MUSIC happens ” The Shift – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I was recently watching the movie, “The Shift” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and when the above quote was spoken, it literally took my breath away. It resonated so deeply inside my body.

I’m often asked if I plan out sets, or asked how do I know what to play next? This quote answers that question perfectly. I often think of my music and DJ’ing as an athlete would when they are in what they refer to as “Being in The Zone.” The zone meaning; connected to source. When I am up in the booth, it feels as if something bigger takes over and it’s as if I slip into becoming a conductor for the universe. Songs play and I hear a whisper of insight as to what needs to be added to the music or what space needs to be cleared. After the insight comes, my mind identifies the missing element and then my body locates the track. It happens so quickly; it’s like one seamless thought.

When we are connected to source, we are given infinite insight, yet our mind and ego want to take all of the credit.   The mind of course is necessary, we need it to execute insight’s desire; it’s a co collaborative effort.  But I find it fascinating how after the execution takes place, the ego wants to chime in and say, “ Wow, look what I just did “ instead of, “Wow look what we (source and I) just did.” After I play, I often reflect on the set, the night, the energy and the crowd and compile a list of things I’m grateful for, this keeps me connected to that infinite source that I am creating with.  Sometimes if the gig was off, my ego wants to be upset or sad. Ego, the ultimate micro manager, has a field day by criticizing and judging every little thing I did or didn’t do.  The more still and present I become the more I can literally feel my ego come into play. Ego is the protector the big brother that says, “I’m not going to let anyone hurt you”.  It’s amazing how that big brother can be so belittling to ourselves and to others at times.

This business, that I have chosen to be in, is filled with ego. Yet it is a business that was originally built on love, dance and freedom of self-expression. Over the years it has been slowly but surely corrupted by ego, power and force. Which promoter is going to out do the next one? Which DJ has the hottest body? Which party will be the highest attended, regardless of the entertainers and patrons that have been lied to or taken advantage of. This saddens me. Although there is no point in wishing that it could be like it was in the past, or waiting for it to be better in the future, I choose to stand for what I believe it can be…..now.

I believe in the power of music and I believe it is merely one vessel that connects us all to ourselves and to source. With that being said, check in with yourself and ask, “ Why do I love this music, the dance or the party? “ If you get quiet enough and truly listen to the answer of your inner-self , I’m sure it will be one of the same… the connection we feel to the music, to our friends, and to the party is energy, we are all energy, and that energy is … source.

Seek on,


The Shift