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WelcOMe to the Tribe

Omtronica Blog: Wisdom for the Seeker.

This is a place where seekers can come to find what we all are ultimately searching for…the truth.

Over the last decade I have been a seeker myself, one who searches relentlessly for the wisdom of the universe, in effort to better understand my own individual experience on this amazing ride called life.  Along my journey I have come across many teachers that have opened my heart, expanded my mind, and touched the deepest parts of my soul.  In this blog I will authentically share with all of you what I have found.  Some may resonate with what is here, others may not, but my intention is to simply present the things that have helped me discover things such as, how we all are interconnected, how we all posses the power to create our lives, and how if we cultivate stillness and reside in the present moment we will eventually be led to our personal truth.  With complete humility and service I pass along this knowledge with the wish that it inspires and enlightens you to awaken even further. Please feel free to comment on what I post and share anything that you may have learned along your journey so we can collectively light the path for each other.

Namaste ~